Tahiti Black Pearl is creating resorts in the South Pacific where for centuries, generations have lived to the age of the 80's and beyond towards the 100's, has also internationally developed a distribution of nutritional products.

One of them, Black Pearl of Tahiti Cantrom, has an ORAC score of 2.1 million TE\L , or over 91 times stronger than the respected Acai Berry with an ORAC score of only 22,900 TE\L or over 64 times stronger than the respected Pomegranate with an ORAC score of only 25,000 TE\L.

In terms of Phenolic Antioxidant Compounds converted to measurements per liter, Black Pearl of Tahiti Cantrom has 135,000 GAEs mg\liter or over 64 times the Acai Berry 2,100 GAEs mg\liter and over 35 times the Pomegranate 3,800 GAEs mg\liter.

Another of our nutritional products is Black Pearl of Tahiti G-H3.

Containing two substances which are important building blocks to the central nervous system, G-H3 aids the body in a widespread range of anabolic activities (buildup and repair of the entire organism). It favorably affects all cells and all systems of the body; the circulatory system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the gastrointestinal system, the muscular-skeletal system and the immune system.

It has positive effects on; the heart, skin, hair, nails, body tissues, memory functions, moods, dispositions, intelligence, energy (physical and mental), joint function, protein synthesis, cellular integrity, sexual performance, hearing, eye sight and sleep patterns.

G-H3 is an antioxidant, anti-cortisol, oxygenator and a powerful weapon against stress. It is a mild monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor with a unique action as opposed to other MAO inhibitors. Instead of the depleting the body of this vital enzyme, it helps balance it to that of normal levels. No special diet is necessary and one can consume tyrosinase rich foods such as wine and cheese with no adverse side effects.

This health giving supplement increases appetite and desire, stimulates the body’s production of other essential bio-nutrients and helps protect the body against harmful radiation damage.

G-H3 helps revitalize elderly people, but it can be taken by the old and young alike who wish to maintain youthful, healthy functioning. It is a tremendous product for both students and athletes as it gives an incredible performance edge in physical and menta******************************************************************************************************

Our other nutritional products contain fruits and berries rich in Antioxidants. One of the ingredients is the Acai / Açai berry, proven through published research from the University of Florida Medical School to have caused "86% of Leukemia Cancer Cells to Self Destruct"

Research has also shown that a number of the ingredient fruits and berries have proven effects on Alzheimer's, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Sleep Disorders, and immune issues to name a few.


We also dream of someday opening a resort to reflect the fabled life of the Polynesian Kings with a exotic dances and a bounty of food from the tropics. And don't forget to share some of the treasures of the South Pacific from our gift shop.Although separated in their individual quests for economic treasure. Not unlike the mythical character of the Tahiti Black Pearl Legend, the owner spent years tracking down the love of his life to share the Treasure with her. Enjoy their dreams and adventures and inspire your own!

The Tahiti Black Pearl Team