We are looking to expand our business network in China soon!


Where I will be presenting some of my number of my friends and referrals with a billion $US business concept that has recently been approved for Mainland China as it was approved previously to become very successful in Hong Kong, Taiwan and 51 other countries years ago.


In the meantime, we are sponsoring more distributors who will benefit from this big China business opportunity.

With your interest, we could be placing some of our new Chinese business into your network to share and grow responsibilities and profits....

Let's review a few things before going further.....


This Company does business in 52 Countries


* Has been around for 24+ years 公司成立24年之久

* Does over $2 billion annually world wide 全球年度营业额超过20亿美

* A few months ago we officialy opened up Mainland China. Hong Kong had previously been open and 20% of the population now use the products. 们在2013年正式进军中国大陆市场。在已经进军的香港市场已经有20%的消费者正在使用我们的产品

Making life longer and better with anti-aging & weight loss products has become a priority for our aging population... without pricing issues.


So with that in mind and a simple marketing commitment, you'll be in the position for some respectable monthly earnings.


We would like to include you in these presentations to help understand how we can make this happen for you.


We look forward to your reply so that we can email you more information and possibly book you for one of our presentations in:


Shanghai City - November 4 thru November 16


Beijing City - November 18 thru November 30



If I have time to do extra presentations, I can try to schedule more for those interested. Please contact me in English if you would also like to do one of my limited private presentations for you and your family friends / co-workers.


Please email me and indicate best date / time / location / number of people interested and leave your full contact details of Name, Phone Number, number of people and best email address.




Craig Markowski

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