Aloha Business Owner,

As the relaxed travel limitations should be good to regain momentum in tourists popularity here in Honolulu, our efforts in the Wedding Elopement “All Inclusive” Packages should be a welcome and attractive alternative to the previously sought classic and traditional for the crowds. Although our primary efforts include a complimentary Sailboat Charter with a seasoned licensed captain with an additional license to perform weddings, the variations could very well include ceremonies at your public and private venues as well.

From local hotels and restaurants, we seek availability and pricing of accommodations, meals and misc. services for our “All inclusive” packages. We would also like to invite your guests to book our packages as well while utilizing your accommodations.  And would be more than happy to arrange a full presentation to their satisfaction.

We also seek your catering ideas and pricing for our charters as well as potential meals. The ceremonial wedding dinner is a primary focus while a daily breakfast could not only be a draw for customers to return to your location for other full price meals; incorporating breakfast at your location from our other hotels who do not offer food service could be a welcome revenue source for your location as well.

The hospitality industry has a tremendous opportunity here to gain momentum through our innovation of Wedding Elopement “All Inclusive” Packages with the added incentive of our sailboat charter ceremonies which also offer a an included “Turtle Canyon” snorkel excursion as well. Part of our efforts will also be to refine sharing the weddings real time “online” from offshore of the Waikiki Beaches.

In summary, we can establish a Hawaiian trend as society seeks safe and responsible means to celebrate marriage while reducing the risk from travel and exposure of our loved ones including the young and the elderly.  Our elopements also typically cost a mere fraction of an extensive crowd ceremony as well.

Please respond with your degree of interest for your room/s availability and types to our efforts as well as pricing. Our initial packages will focus on 5 days and 7 days as well as the 2 or 3 day (probable weekend) for those [too busy] to make a full honeymoon vacation of their wedding at this time.  All communications will be kept strictly confidential.

Referrals for additional team members such as wedding planners, photographers, etc. will be appreciated as well for our anticipated growth of our future successes.